I've had to plant a native in non-native potting mix & it is struggling, is there anything I can do? Thx.

Submitted: 09:54AM, 15 Dec 2012
Answer: It may not necessarily be the potting mix that is upse8tting your plant, it may be the transplant process.

Natives, apart from those belonging to the proteaceae family eg. grevillea, waratah, banksia etc,. will generally grow well in a non native mix.

You can either apply a seaweed tonic such as Uplift Plant Starter and Root Booster to help the plant overcome the shock and/or help settle the roots or if you believe the current potting mix is responsible for the demise of your plant, move it into a native mix then apply the tonic.

Answered: 02:26PM, 18 Dec 2012


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