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Hi, I bought 2 small poinsettas, I was told not to re pot them till they stop flowering. There are still lots of red leaves and some little red/yellow pods. When do I re pot them. Di.

My poinsettas are in the original small pots I bought them in. I have them sitting on the back verandah which is all covered in and can be quite warm out there. I really want to know about re potting these plants - the best time - size of pot - fertilizer etc. I have had poinsettas before, but never had one grow so well or this long - they usually die just after Christmas. Thank you Di.

Submitted: 10:50AM, 08 Apr 2010
Answer: Hi Dianne,
Normally poinsettas grow better in the cooler conditions thats why they normally die down after christmas. Its a good time to repot now but try not to disturb it too much and use some seaweed tonic as a follow up to reduce the shock. make sure you repot your poinsetta by using a wee drained potting mix.
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Answered: 07:34AM, 19 Apr 2010


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