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Potted Dragon Trees in their first year - I have noticed rust coloured marks appearing over leaves? Help!

I planted my potted Dragon Trees earlier this year and now growing well - I have noticed rust coloured marks appearing over leaves (large spots)? Any ideas to cause and which treatment can I purchase? Thank you

Submitted: 05:06PM, 14 Oct 2012
Answer: Hi Angie,

I presume the dragon trees you are referring to are Dracaena draco. Without seeing the leaves it is a little difficult to diagnose. This fungus presents itself as orange pustules underneath the leaf with corresponding yellow spots on the top of the leaf. Yates does have a product that will control this fungus. It is called Rose Shield. This is a systemic fungicide that travels through the plant to control various fungus. It works from the inside out. You will need to apply at the first signs of rust and re-apply at 7-10 day intervals. If any leaves fall off into the pot, remove them as quickly as possible to prevent the spread of this disease.

Answered: 10:48AM, 16 Oct 2012


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