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Can I repot my Camelia Sasanqua Shishigashira now?

It has been in a 30cm pot for about 4 years. I wish to repot it into a 60cm pot. At present it is putting out some healthy fresh shoots. Would it be OK to repot it now? How much should I cut it back prior to doing this?

Submitted: 12:41PM, 12 Oct 2012
Answer: Hi Judith,

You can repot your camellia sasanqua now into a larger pot. Because your plant is putting on new growth shouldn’t set it back the fact that you will be repotting it now.

You can give the plant a light prune before repotting it. Camellias tend to keep their shape when planted in pots so you won’t need to cut back the branches too severely.

To encourage and strengthen the root system of your camellia you might like to apply a product called Uplift Organic Plant Starter & Root Booster. You can apply this product immediately after transplanting and then give further applications while the plant is settling in.

The potting mix you are using will have slow release fertiliser already in it so you shouldn’t need to add fertiliser for the next couple of months. Enjoy this beautiful plant.

Answered: 11:38AM, 15 Oct 2012


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