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12:07AM, 12 Jan 2012
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12:07AM, 12 Jan 2012
I have tiger grass in a large pot. It's very tall. Will it grow if I cut it? If so how much should I cut?

Submitted: 08:38PM, 15 Jul 2012
Answer: Tiger grass grown in the right climatic conditions can grow quite tall (3m high)and lush. If the clump becomes too thick then remove some of the older canes at the base and allow the new shoots to grow and replace the older ones. This will also keep the grass looking green and fresh.

During summer the Tiger grass will require plenty of water and feed regularly with either Garden Gold or Thrive.

You can prune the top but the grass really looks best if allowed to reach its natural height.

Category: Potting Plants
Tags: tiger grass
Answered: 08:37AM, 17 Jul 2012


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