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What is the best pot plants for a patio area that is covered and has pull down shades. Thanks

Also which potted plants can withstand an occassional draught

Submitted: 12:00PM, 11 Jan 2012
Answer: Hi Wendy,

I am assuming there is ample light on your patio for you to grow a nice selection of plants, some of these being:-

Philodendron ‘Xanadu’ – large leafy foliage
Dracaena marginata – colourful specimen plant
Ficus benjamina – thick lush foliage
Palms – to give that cooling effect
Cordyline sp. – accent plant
Asplenium – birds nest
Impatiens – a pretty pot of colour

Trust we were able to help in suggesting a few interesting plants for your patio.

Answered: 02:19PM, 13 Jan 2012


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