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10:29AM, 21 Oct 2009
Answer: When growing herbs in pots ensure that they are...
Category: Fertilising
10:29AM, 21 Oct 2009
I got an ornamental (no drainage hole) indoor pot for Christmas... what's the best way to put a potted plant in it?

Just wondering how to contain/empty the water from a potted plant (I'm thinking of planting a raphis palm) in a fibreglass indoor pot? How do the shopping malls make their displays of potted plants look so good??

Submitted: 11:00AM, 06 Jan 2010
Answer: Hi Monica, the trick is not to overwater and just apply enough to dampen the mix and not allow accumulation in the planter which will cause root rot and stagnant water problems. Lift the pot out occaasionally to check this isnt happening. Rhapis palms like to dry out between waterings. Shopping centre plants tend to dry quickly due to air conditioning but they are also rotated as they start to decline in the artificial environment.
Category: Potting Plants
Answered: 08:20AM, 18 Jan 2010


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