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10:29AM, 21 Oct 2009
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10:29AM, 21 Oct 2009
Potted Golden Cane Palm tips browning, smaller fronds dying and white substance on trunk

Hello - my beautiful 1m Golden Cane palm, living outside in a pot in full sun until midday and then full shade for the rest of the day, has the tips of the fronds browning, and the smaller fronds at the bottom are dying. When I pulled a couple of the dead fronds off, I noticed a white chalky substance growing on the trunk, and some black mottled "something" on the rest of the trunk areas.

I would love to bring it back to life, but this is the second palm in a row this has happened to. I was worried I wasn't watering it enough, but that was before I noticed these issues. How can I save it?

(note that picture has been rotated - tilt head to left!)

Submitted: 05:28PM, 06 Feb 2018
Answer: Hi Michelle,

Thank you for contacting Yates.

It seems the Golden Cane palm is affected by scales. We would recommend using Yates Confidor Lawn & Garden Insecticide to control them effectively.

To boost its overall health, please apply Thrive All Purpose Liquid Plant Food regularly as directed on the label.

All the very best!

Kind regards,

Yates Consumer Advice Horticulturalist

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Answered: 11:17AM, 07 Feb 2018


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