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10:29AM, 21 Oct 2009
Answer: When growing herbs in pots ensure that they are...
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10:29AM, 21 Oct 2009
small garden wedding - home garden - thinking potted colour. What to plant & when? Event 28/5/2016.

Submitted: 10:58AM, 04 Feb 2016
Answer: Hi Jan,

Thank you for contacting us regarding the wedding. How exiting to plan a wedding and fill it with all the flowers grown your own. There are many options you can go when it comes to potted colour. Considering the event will be held in autumn, some cool season annual would be more appropriate. You may need to select according to the colour theme as well. Just listed a few below as a reference you may consider: Cornflowers
Poppies, Snapdragons, English marigolds, Pansies Cinerarias, Polyanthus, violas and primula.

Another decision has to be made is either sow seed, to buy seedlings from your local nursery for instant effect. To grow from seed is the cheapest way, but care and time are needed.

Hope this information would help you have a beautiful wedding.

Answered: 12:13PM, 04 Feb 2016


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