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Medium_img_6797 Some of my potted pelargoniums have yellow edges!

Recently, some of my potted pelargoniums have developed yellow edges; this looks quite attractive but I sense this is for a reason. Could you please tell me what this means? They are healthy and flourishing so I am quite curious. I have grown geraniums and pelargoniums for many years and not seen this before.

Thank you

Submitted: 06:37AM, 21 Oct 2015
Answer: Hi Shelley,

Firstly the plants look very good, so don’t get too concerned by the yellowing. When it occurs along the edge of the leaf then that is generally an indication that the plants have suffered from a lack of water at some point in time. Perhaps you missed a watering one day for some reason, and this is the result of that.

I’d remove the affected leaves, as they are unlikely to come back and continue caring for the plants as you have been.

Kind regards

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Tags: Pelargonium
Answered: 09:14AM, 22 Oct 2015


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