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06:13PM, 22 Oct 2009
Answer: To encourage new growth and to maintain the hea...
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06:13PM, 22 Oct 2009
Medium_image How do I dig up and move a thriving 6 foot ficus tree to a different location without killing it?

I brought a near death ficus tree home about 7 years ago and put it pot and all in the front hedge area of my house fully intending to repot it. I never got around to it, but the tree is thriving. It is now almost 10 ft. high and the roots grew through the bottom of the pot. It is so tall that now it is too close to the roof. I have a spot about 4 feet away where we had a tree removed that I'd like to move it to. How can I dig up the tree and move it without killing it? I live in Los Angeles and the tree gets loads of sunshine and the new location will be the same. Any ideas? How deep are the roots going to be? Do I need them all or will there be a root ball?

Submitted: 06:06AM, 29 Aug 2015
Answer: Hi Terri,
I can see how beautifully your fig tree has grown but really, it is never a good idea to put an ornamental fig in the ground close to a house as it has an extensive root system. I would suggest your remove it now before it does damage. As it is, it will be a big job trying to remove this tree and making sure you get all of the roots. I know you are fond of your fig tree but unless you have a big area somewhere well away from your house where it can grow happily and not cause any damage, I wouldn’t suggest keeping it. Every tree has it place, but the roots of fig trees can be very destructive. Good luck with that.
Answered: 10:32AM, 01 Sep 2015


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