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Young Avocado is wilting since re-potting, not sure what the problem is?

Several days ago, I replanted my 2 year old avocado (grown from seed) into a bigger pot. Since then the large leaves have started to wilt and small new leaves are shrivelling. I accidentally purchased and used Yates Uplift (green bottle) when I meant to get the Uplift root booster. I’ve looked up some info and hear that Avocados are also vulnerable to root rot and thinking that could be the problem. So now I’m not sure if I should use the Yates Anti Rot or Uplift Root Booster (brown bottle). I’m on a really tight budget and can’t afford both, what’s your recommendation of product? Would it be ok to apply it after just applying the Yates Uplift Liquid fertiliser a few days ago? Thanks :)

Submitted: 12:59PM, 02 Mar 2015
Answer: It sounds like your Avocado is suffering from transplant shock. This happens to plants when we disturb their root systems. It usually shows as wilting and leaf drop. This is an unavoidable part of transplanting and you can only reduce the shock by disturbing the root ball as little as possible, keeping the root ball moist when transplanting and keeping the moisture up when it’s in its new position.

Fertiliser at this time is not helpful its best to just keep the root ball moist and wait for the plant to recover. For drastic action you can prune some of the leaves to reduce the amount of water lost from the leaves.

Category: Potting Plants
Answered: 03:06PM, 19 Mar 2015


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