Rooting hormone for grape cuttings

I have about 300 grape cuttings of different varieties to pot and would like your recommendation for which rooting hormone to use.

Submitted: 02:54PM, 01 Sep 2014
Answer: Yates Clonex Red Rooting Hormone Gel has been specially formulated for promoting healthy root growth in hardwood cuttings which are taken from mature growth, often when the plant is in its dormant winter state.

As well as encouraging root development, Clonex Red seals and protects the cutting, preventing the entry of disease.
The thick gel adheres firmly to the base of the cutting while, at the same time, supplying hormones and vitamins that promote and protect young tissue.
Added nutrients, including trace elements, further help to encourage rapid root development.

Answered: 04:56PM, 09 Sep 2014


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