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11:08AM, 01 Dec 2009
Answer: Dear Carolyn, You will need to use a good quali...
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11:08AM, 01 Dec 2009
I have a large number of Bromeliads that need potting. To make my own bulk mix what would you recommend? Bob

There is a limited supply of materials available at local landscape suppliers.

Submitted: 09:30AM, 12 Aug 2014
Answer: Dear Bob,

We regret we are unable to help you with a bulk potting mix recipe for bromeliads as potting mixes are very difficult to formulate.

Why not stick to commercial varieties which have been tried and tested by companies who have invested huge resources into producing just the right blend. They have had to meet certain standards for the potting mix to be approved.

Additionally, have you considered using orchid bark? It is suitable not only for orchids but a number of epiphytic plants including bromeliads and zygocactus.

Answered: 01:23PM, 14 Aug 2014


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