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How & when should I repot my camellia williamsii. It's been in the same large pot for many years.

It's been very happy & healthy, but this year is not looking as good. It's got lots of buds, but is slow to bloom & doesn't look as healthy as it should.

Submitted: 12:24PM, 27 Jul 2014
Answer: As long as there is no chance of frost, camellias can be re-potted in late winter to early spring.

When transplanting, look closely for curl grubs in the plants root system. If present, remove, then pot into a potting mix especially formulated for camellias.

Water well and apply some seaweed extract to prevent transplant shock. Weekly applications of seaweed thereafter are beneficial to give your plant a kickalong.

Answered: 04:40PM, 29 Jul 2014


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