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11:01AM, 08 Jan 2012
Answer: Hi Jack, The yellow/orange powder under your fr...
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11:01AM, 08 Jan 2012
I'm wanting to propagate Murraya to extend a hedge. Do I stand a chance doing this in July?

I'm doing my first propagation and was wondering how much the season will put the odds against me. I'm located near Sydney. I have a little greenhouse and cutting powder.

Submitted: 09:09PM, 23 Jul 2014
Answer: Autumn is the optimum time to propagate murrayas from semi-hardwood cuttings.

Semi-hardwood cuttings,characterised by the changing colour in the stem , (usually from bright green to brown) are used for species like murraya.This is because the softwood growth is extremely tender and wilts too easily for softwood cuttings to be used.

Cutting powder on the base of the cutting greatly benefits semi hardwood cuttings.

Answered: 01:14PM, 24 Jul 2014


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