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I want to treat my indoor plants for mealy bug and scale, want to know the best way to use the sachets.

I have already purchased the 5g sachets - do I use the same mixing rate for palms as for outdoor plants, and what is the best form of application - soil drench or foliar spray.

Is it best treat them outside, and how long before I can bring tham into the living room?


Submitted: 12:28PM, 06 Oct 2013
Answer: Hi Pam,
The Confidor 5g sachets are mixed in 1 litre of water and used to spray the foliage of the plant. This is a systemic spray so once the foliage is sprayed, the product will flow within the sap stream of the plant. Wherever the insect sucks on the foliage, it will ingest the product and it will be killed. This product is not suitable as a soil drench.

It would be best to take your indoor plants outside in a shady spot in order for them to be sprayed. Once the product has dried on the leaves, you can bring your indoor plants inside again. I am sure they will enjoy being outside in the open for a little while. You may need to give a second spray in 2 weeks time.

Answered: 02:21PM, 11 Oct 2013


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