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When watering the garden, does the wetting of Blitzen pellets impact on their effectiveness in killing snails and slugs over the following 5-7 days that they're good for? Also with spraying Bayer Confidor, does this remain effective if the leaves then ge

Submitted: 12:40PM, 30 Oct 2009
Answer: Hi Steve,

As long as you can see the pellets and they haven’t gone mouldy, the ingredient in the pellet is still acive and effective in controlling the snails and slugs in your garden.

Confidor is a systemic pesticide so once the product enter the sap stream of the plant it will be effective on controlling any sap sucking insect. You should avoid watering the foliage of the plant for 6 hours after spraying. Check to see if rainfall is expected within that period of time and put off until fine weather is forecasted.

Answered: 01:42PM, 16 Nov 2009


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