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01:35PM, 27 Oct 2009
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01:35PM, 27 Oct 2009
Getting Rid of Moths from Indoor Plants

Hi, I have indoor maidenhair and there is alot of little tiny black moth from that plant and alot of them been flying in the house. It is very annoying and I eventually had to put the pot outside. How can I get rid of the moths without killing the plant and still have the plant indoor?


Submitted: 09:53AM, 17 Dec 2012
Answer: Hi Penny,

What you have in your indoor pot is an insect called Fungus Gnats. They are annoying little insects that are attracted to moist potting mix. The female insect lays her eggs in this moist soil which then hatch out and fly around in your house. You have done the correct thing by putting your plant outside. At least the young that are about to hatch out will be outside and not inside your house. If you can leave your maiden hair outside for about a month then hopefully you will break the breeding cycle. When you bring your maidenhair inside again, be careful not to over water the potting mix.

Answered: 03:23PM, 19 Dec 2012


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