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01:35PM, 27 Oct 2009
Answer: Hi Steven, Unfortunately we do not have an orga...
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01:35PM, 27 Oct 2009
Xora flowerheads turn black and wilt before proper blooming

Can I use confidor tablets to rectify the problem ?

Submitted: 10:08PM, 24 Nov 2012
Answer: Hi Douglas,

You may need to investigate further so see if there are any caterpillars or aphids present on the plant. Caterpillars can cause a lot of damage if they burrow into the flower bud. Sap sucking insects such as aphids and thrips can also damage flower buds in the early stages, stopping the development of the flower.

The Confidor tablets are only registered to control particular pests such as aphids, azalea lace bug, psyllids, mealybug, scale and various sap sucking and root feeding pests on eucalypt seedling trees and specific ornamental plants.

If you discover caterpillars are doing the damage, we would suggest you spray your plants with a product called Success Naturalyte Insecticide. Continue to spray every 7-14 days until control is achieved.

Answered: 02:48PM, 28 Nov 2012


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