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Can I use confidor tablets on my hibiscus bushes which are attacked by hibiscus beetles.

The bushes are quite old but I prune them each September & fertilize regularly with Tropic & Potash. When do I place the tablets in the soil under the bushes? Do I wait until the bushes are covered in leaves? How long are the tablets effective for controlling hibiscus beetles?

Submitted: 02:39PM, 08 Oct 2012
Answer: Hi Helen,

The Confidor tablets are an extremely effective way of controlling aphids, azalea lace bug, psyllids, mealybugs, scale and various defoliating, stem damaging, sap-sucking and root feeding pests. The Confidor tablets do not have registration for use on hibiscus to control hibiscus flower beetles. The Confidor insecticide in powder and liquid form does have registration to control this beetle on hibiscus.

The Confidor tablets can be used to control aphids on roses, azalea lace bug on azaleas, psyllids on lillypillies, mealybugs on potted plants, scale on magnolias and defoliating, stem damaging, sap-sucking and root feeding pest on seedling eucalypt trees.

Answered: 10:20AM, 09 Oct 2012


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