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Answer: Hardenbergia can develop leaf spots which can b...
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Answer: Dear Liz, Without a great deal more information...
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06:42PM, 28 Oct 2009
how do marigolds help with nematodes? Is it the roots or chopped up plant or flowers?

Had heaps growing with my plants last year yet I pulled up the pumpkin vine and it was just loaded.

Also my plain red hibiscus has wart like bulges over it - What is causing that.

Brown spots on my PawPaw leaves?

Submitted: 10:10PM, 13 Nov 2011
Answer: Hi Kerry,
The most effective control measure for nematodes is mustard seeds which are grown as a green manure. Green Harvest (07) 5434 2699 sell B.Q. mulch seeds developed by the CSIRO which help control nematodes.

The bumps on the hibiscus plant are caused by the Erinose mite and I have attached a link to a DPI article. Control is difficult but you can try Nature’s Way Insect and Mite Killer which contains Natrasoap. Repeat spraying will be required.

The brown spots on the paw paw leaves may be scale. The scale can be scratched off and are slightly sticky. Pest oil will control this pest.

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Answered: 03:27PM, 16 Nov 2011


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