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Which is the best insecticide to use for the control of codling moths and aphids attacking my apple trees.

I found Lebaycid (6.25 ml/litre) is not as effective as Carbaryl in the past. Is Success better? Should I alternate between the two, i.e. Lebaycid one fortnight and Success the next? Or should I use a stronger dose of Lebaycid like 10 ml/litre?

Submitted: 02:31PM, 02 Nov 2011
Answer: Dear Alfred,

The product registered to control codling moth in apple trees is Lebaycid. The rate to use is 6.25ml per 1L of water. This rate has been trialled and found to be effective so there is no need to increase the rate to 10mls per litre.

You need to start spraying the trees thoroughly every 2 weeks until 2 weeks before picking, starting in late October. This product will give you good control of this insect when sprayed on this basis.

Success is an excellent product but it is not registered for the control of codling moth. It will control a wide range of caterpillars, but Lebaycid would be more effective when used in accordance with the instructions, in controlling codling moth.

Answered: 02:22PM, 03 Nov 2011


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