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African Black Beetles...

I couldn't figure out why my lawn looked so dead and was drying out all the time, but I think I have discovered african black beetles in my kikuyu lawn. Can I use Confidor Hose-On now even though the bugs have already began devouring my lawn? Will it damage the grass any more than already is already done? Also, is it ok to hose in after rain and or after hosing seasol into the lawn? Thanks in advance...

Submitted: 06:38PM, 27 Jan 2010
Answer: Dear Rod.

The damage you are seeing in your lawn would be from the larvae of the African Black Beetle (the curl grub) This grub is present in lawn from mid spring to mid summer. The adult beetle lays the eggs in the soft soil in early spring, the young larvae feed on dead organic matter in the soil and the older larvae feed on the grass roots.

Yates Baythroid Lawn & Garden Insecticide
should be used on the young larvae from mid spring to mid summer. Once you have applied the product it should be watered in thoroughly afterwards. Baythroid Lawn Grub and Garden Insecticide is the product to use now to control the African Black Beetle.

Good luck in elimating this nuisance pest. I am sure you will have your lawn area looking good again before we go into the winter months.

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Answered: 02:29PM, 01 Feb 2010


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