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Hi I have a problem with grasshopers eating my plants it is driving me crazy, how can I stop them.

They seem to like my chinese lanterns the best, and I think it is the big brown as well as the little green ones.

Submitted: 02:50PM, 17 Jan 2010
Answer: Chinese lanterns or Abutilons are beautiful plants related to hibiscus and as such are notoriously attacked by a little beastie called the Metallic Flea Beetle.These beasties generally chew tiny holes of irregular shapes in young leaves then as the leaves grow, the holes enlarge.
The damage of this pest can be confused with the damage of a grasshopper.
Grasshoppers tend to nibble in jagged fashion around the edge of leaves but its possible for both insects to feed simultaneously. Grasshoppers and MFBs can be controlled with a contact insecticide like pyrethrum or a penetrant such as Lebaycid.
Answered: 01:57PM, 21 Jan 2010


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