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04:20PM, 26 Oct 2009
Answer: It is too late to spray at this point as the tr...
Category: Diseases
04:20PM, 26 Oct 2009
curl grubs are eating the roots of my silver sheen trees and killing them.

Also small beetles black with orange are eating the leaves

Submitted: 02:48PM, 22 Apr 2016
Answer: Hi Sheila,
We don’t have a control for curl grubs in garden beds, something you can do to help them survive though is to use regular applications of a seaweed product, we have a brand new group of products called thrive naturals that will help. If the roots are healthy then they will be able to withstand the damage caused by these grubs. Other problem that these plants tend to get is root rot so make sure that the soil is well drained to prevent this from happening For the bugs you will need to use pyrethrum but perhaps get a positive ID from your local nursery first as they maybe beneficial insects I hope this helps :)
Category: Pests
Tags: curl grubs
Answered: 03:24PM, 22 Apr 2016


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