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09:11AM, 22 Oct 2009
Answer: Hardenbergia can develop leaf spots which can b...
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09:11AM, 22 Oct 2009
Medium_disease_15_unknown_spots_lilly_pilly Dark spots on lilly pilly leaves

One of my lilly pillies has recently presented with small blackish/purpleish/burgundyish spots on many of the leaves. The plant seems otherwise healthy, with regular new growth and no abnormal leaf-drop.
I've searched online, and it seems to be an uncommon problem.
It doesn't look like Myrtle Rust (though I haven't ruled it out completely) and it's definitely not Black Sooty Mold.
I've attached a photo of both leaf sides.
Can you shed any light on this?

Submitted: 01:14PM, 13 Apr 2016
Answer: Hi Wayne,
it looks like you may have myrtle rust as the spots do have a purplish tinge,
once the leaves get older it can spread and eventually deform the leaves. We have a product called Zaleton or Triorine that you can treat it with. I hope this helps
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Tags: diseases
Answered: 12:52PM, 14 Apr 2016


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