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08:26AM, 28 Oct 2009
Medium_img_2442b I have pools of what look like grey sand in my yet to b sown garden bed. Not sand though they move! good/bad?

My garden beds have been built and filled with a good quantity vegetable mix soil. I did this a couple of weeks, and it was looking quiet dry and I wanted to put the Dynamic Lifter through it this weekend in preparation for sowing and my seedlings over the next few weeks.
Yesterday afternoon I gave both beds a good soaking. This morning went to check the water retention and noticed "GREY SAND" on the surface of the soil. It was big clusters, mostly in the corners but in the middle the beds as well. Got up closer and it was moving! Millions of little tiny insects. What I need to know before I mix these buys into my expensive, nutrient rich soil, is...are these insects a pest or not? They might be beneficial to soil or something... I can't describe them any different then grey sand, because that's what I thought they were when I first saw it.
Help would be greatly appreciated!

Submitted: 05:38PM, 31 Oct 2014
Answer: Hi Leah, I am sorry but we are unable to identify the insects from the photgraph. It may be best to take a small sample in to your local nursery or you can send them in to Yates. They may be springtails or Collembola which are not a problem and feed on decaying vegetable matter.
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Tags: soil
Answered: 04:07PM, 25 Nov 2014


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