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Hi I have peach and nectarine trees but don`t get to enjoy the fruit due to fruit fly please help

Fruit fly

Submitted: 10:25AM, 21 Jul 2014
Answer: Hi Daniel,

How dissapointing not to be able to pick the fruit on your trees because of attack from fruit fly. Yates has an excellent product called Nature’s Way Fruit Fly Control which will protect your fruit from this damaging pest.
This product contains a protein and sugar based bait to attract fruit flies. Within the bait is the active ingredient of Spinosad which is derived from a naturally occurring bacteria. The fruit fly will be attracted to the sugary substance from metres away and once it is ingested by the fruit fly, they will die.

Nature’s Way Fruit Fly Control is perfect for use in organic gardens as it has no withholding period.

You will need to start applying the product early in the season and when fruit fly is first detected. Reapply the product on a weekly basis until fruit is harvested. Be mindful if it rains within that 7 day period, you will need to re-apply the product to give your fruit continuous protection.

I have attached a link from our website which I trust you will find of interest.

Answered: 04:19PM, 22 Jul 2014


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