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03:18PM, 22 Oct 2009
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03:18PM, 22 Oct 2009
I wish to control weeds on Ryegrass/ buffallo lawn with shrubs.

I have Buffalo Pro however I am not happy about using the hose applicator as it is difficult to control accurately. I would prefer to spot spray by hand. Can you advise the mixing strength? Also, does the herbicide work by absorption through the foliage or the soil?

Submitted: 10:36AM, 13 Dec 2012
Answer: Hi Kevin,

The Buffalo Pro hose-on product is able to be diluted into a watering can and applied to your lawn. The dilution rate is 400mls in 9 litres of water and applied over 20 square metres of lawn area. To apply the product, we suggest you use a watering can with sprinkle bar. We don’t suggest you spot spray as this concentration rate will be too strong for lesser areas of lawn and may result in harming the foliage.

The active ingredients in Buffalo Pro are absorbed by the foliage which then travels through the weed to the root system. The weed is forced into an excessive and disordered growth pattern which results in weeds, curling, yellowing and dying within 3 weeks.

Answered: 11:10AM, 14 Dec 2012


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