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Hello, I have seeded a new Princess 77 lawn last spring and as you know, last spring and summer turned out terrible time to do this with all the rain and unseasonably cool weather on the New South Wales Coast for that time of the year. After numerous

My questions are;
1. Will the Yates Winter Grass Killer affect my Princess 77 which is referred to as a Bermuda Grass and a close relative of couch?
2. Will the Yates Winter Grass Killer help to control the Kikuyu in my Princess 77 lawn and if not, can you suggest how I can rid my lawn from this rotten Kikuyu ?

Thank you Yates

Submitted: 12:57PM, 30 May 2012
Answer: Hi Richie,
Yates Winter Grass Killer has not been tested on Princess 77 hybrid couch so we are unable to say whether the grass will be affected. It would be best to test a small section of your lawn before applying the product to the whole lawn.

I have attached an article from the DPI in QLD which has some recommendations for removing grass from Princess 77.

These products are probably not available in small quantities for the home garden but are used professionally by Golf Course Superintendents, Bowling Greenkeepers and Professional Lawn Care Companies.

Category: Lawns
Answered: 01:35PM, 30 May 2012


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