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I sowed a lawn mixture of couch and rye 18 days ago in accordance with the instructions- except that I mistakenly sowed with a high nitrogen fertiliser instead of that recommended. Now that is being cited as the reasoin for zero germination. We kept the s

I was also told that the couch may still germinate. So should we continue watering? or abandon and re-start?
Soil is new Turf Mix - weather has been mostly hot.
Seed was from SA supplier.

Submitted: 05:36PM, 05 Jan 2010
Answer: Dear Alan,

I would think the main reason why the seed has failed to germinate is because of the extreme weather conditions we have been experiencing in this country as of late, particularly SA. Couch seed certainly can be sown during the warmer months, but the soil and seed would need to be kept moist at all times. This would mean watering several times a day. I know this can be difficult when we are not always able to be home every day, but during very hot weather, unless the seed is kept moist, it won’t have a chance of surviving.

As far as the high nitrogen based fertiliser that was applied, it would be a good idea to keep watering to leach the fertiliser from the soil. It is likely that some seed may still germinate, but it will probably be necessary to re-sow this area when the weather is not so extreme, say late summer/early autumn.

Answered: 08:19AM, 15 Jan 2010


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