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06:02PM, 10 Jan 2012
Answer: Hi John, You are quite right, there hasn’...
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06:02PM, 10 Jan 2012
Medium_pumpkin_26 I have asked this several times and have not yet found an answer - can you identify this pumpkin for me

I planted three pumpkins last year and have had what I feel is some self seeded pumpkins from the compost I used. It is not like my other pumpkins and wonder if you can identify it.

Submitted: 11:58PM, 20 Mar 2014
Answer: Hi Ruth,
From the photo it does look like a gramma pumpkin. Of course there is always the possibility that if you had planted a number of varieties of pumpkins last season, this pumpkin could be the result of cross pollination – perhaps a cross between a Kent pumpkin and a Butternut pumpkin. In any case I am sure it will be lovely and buttery to eat. Enjoy.

Answered: 09:26AM, 21 Mar 2014


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