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02:33PM, 20 Oct 2009
Answer: This is caused by a fungal disease called leaf ...
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02:33PM, 20 Oct 2009
02:33PM, 20 Oct 2009
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02:33PM, 20 Oct 2009
Medium_img_0615 I have a mild chilli and a couple of capsicum bushes the leaves are withered

There are black marks at the junction of fruit stem adn leaf stem on both chilli adn Capsicum.

The withered leaves are still green, but the planst do not seem to be vigorous.

I have sprayed for pests, biting and chewing. I have fertilized with Seasol, I have spoken to them kindly, and sternly, but it makes no difference.

These plants are in good soil and I have mulched with Lucerne mulch and watered well, as it is very dry in Coffs Harbour

Submitted: 03:23PM, 10 Nov 2013
Answer: Hi Peter,
Thank you for sending the photo of your chilli bush.
From the look of the leaves I would say that there has been a sap sucking insect present at some time, possibly thrip or aphids. Both of these pests can be sprayed with a product called Nature’s Way Insect & Mite Killer, Natrasoap. Spray underneath the leaves as well as on the top to suffocate and kill these insects. The holes in the chillies indicates that the tomato grub has also been present. Spray your plants with Yates Success Naturalyte to control this pest.

A seaweed solution is fine to use but it is not a fertiliser. We would suggest that you apply Dynamic Lifter Plus Organic based Vegie Food. Your plants will need these nutrients in this fertiliser to grow strongly and to produce lots of chillies for you.

Once you rid your plants of those sap sucking insects, your plants will respond well and continue to thrive. Keep up the good work.

Answered: 04:50PM, 15 Nov 2013


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