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What is wrong with the soil?

It is really dry and compacted. Whenever I try to grow vegies they die. I've noticed the lack of worms, and have tried adding kitchen scraps and regular watering. But the only luck i've had is with pumpkins.
I really want to grow vegies with my kids, but we never succeed.
Is there something I need to use to change the texture of the soil, or is it as simple as fertiliser?

Submitted: 11:00PM, 07 May 2010
Answer: Hi There Elizabeth,
its hard to see what is wrong with your soil without seeing it. The best way to grow vegetables is with a rich organic soil. This can be done by using a range of products like compost and a mixture of manures.Its best to dig them through and areate your soil at the same time. Sugarcane mulch will also help keep the nutrients and the moisture in your soil. Once your plants are in the ground and growing you can use either dynamic lifter to feed your vegies or a soluable fertilizer like Thrive.
Category: Vegetables & Herbs
Tags: general
Answered: 02:28PM, 13 May 2010


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