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can you use dynamic lifter to grow veg in Styrofoam boxes, also I have about 100 gardenias, can dynamic lifter

be used instead of cow manure

Submitted: 07:42AM, 29 Jun 2013
Answer: Hi Joanne,
You can certainly use the Dynamic Lifter in your polystyrene boxes to grow your vegetables. It should be mixed through the soil at the rate of 100g per sq.m. prior to planting. It can then be applied every 6 weeks to keep your plants growing strongly.

With regard to your gardenias, you do not mention what your soil is like. Cow manure is used to fix nitrogen back to the soil – nitrogen being a vital element for all good plant growth. Cow manure is also an excellent soil conditioner helping to improve the structure of the soil. You could incorporate the cow manure into your soil as well as using the dynamic lifter as an ongoing fertiliser. As mentioned previously, it can be applied on a 6 weekly basis.

Answered: 03:10PM, 01 Jul 2013


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