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Grow tomatoes in pot on balcony. Preferably organically. Positions available west with full sun or east part s

West position very strong sun in Summer

Submitted: 11:54AM, 24 Sep 2012
Answer: Hi Elsie,
Tomatoes can be grown in pots successfully. Choose a variety such as Patio, Sweet bite or cherry tomatoes unless you wish to stake the tomatoes then a larger variety can be chosen. A warm sunny position, not too windy should be chosen. If using terracotta pots, seal the inside first with Pot a Seal, as they will dry out during the hot weather.
If you wish to grow the tomatoes organically apply Yates Uplift Organic Liquid Fertiliser regularly and if pests become a problem use Nature’s Way Insect and Mite Spray which contains natrasoap. Control the caterpillars with Caterpillar Dipel or Yates Success.
Answered: 03:49PM, 25 Sep 2012


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