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Medium_img00160-20120117-0711 Hi, My Tomato plants are drying up and dying..Please help!!

I walked into my kitchen garden a couple of days back to see that the top leave of couple of my tomato plants (2 out of 6) showing signs of curls and dryness... thought that it may overcome, but not to be.. the entire plant leaves have gone brown, curly and drying up... Couldnt find any bugs or any obvuious problems.See the photos. Thanks in advance.

Submitted: 08:55AM, 17 Jan 2012
Answer: Hi Mathew,

What a shame the leaves on your tomato bushes have curled up and gone dry especially as they are producing an abundance of crops.

From the photo, the leaves appear to be very dry. Could there have been a period where the plants experienced hot weather with lack of sufficient water. In saying that, usually if this does happen, a good deep watering usually revives them and they continue on. I noticed the plants are surrounded by a colourbond fence. Heat can also radiate off a fence so this could have contributed to the leaves drying out and the plant collapsing.

There doesn’t appear to be any fungus present on the plant and as you have already mentioned, no pests are present either.

At this stage, I would keep your plants well watered. You could apply a product such as Uplift Organic Plant Starter which will help to invigorate plants during periods of stress.

Answered: 11:46AM, 17 Jan 2012


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