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Watermelon end dying like end of prune. Thought too much nitrogen so this year no fitiliser but still happens

Have been growing candy red watermelons for some years. The last few years most get to near ripen point then the opposite vine end goes prune shaped and then black and rotten. Thought it was due to too much nitrogen from fertiliser so this year did not use any fertiliser. But still happenning. Is it too much water perhaps ? I have good loamy soil. Slightly heavy.

Submitted: 06:20PM, 02 Dec 2011
Answer: Hi Mark,

How disappointing to get your watermelon plants to a certain point and then be disappointed because the ends begin to rot and die.

It does appear that your watermelons have blossom end rot. Regular watering will help to avoid this problem from occurring. Another reason for these symptoms is insufficient supply of the nutrient calcium being available to the plant. It could well be that other nutrients, such as nitrogen are being taken up by the plant before the calcium is able to be taken up. Aim to keep an even supply of calcium available to the plant. Before planting out your seedlings, ensure that lime is added to the soil at this point. You can improve the water holding capacity by adding organic matter to the soil. This will ensure that the soil does not dry out during periods of hot weather.

I do hope you have success when next you plant out your watermelon seedlings.

Answered: 10:05AM, 06 Dec 2011


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