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tomato leaves curling inwards

plant is in new soil and has just had 2 inches of rain over a 3 week period soil is still very moist. plant next to it is ok.

Submitted: 01:16PM, 08 Oct 2011
Answer: Dear Lexie,

Curling leaves on a tomato plant can be a number of things. Aphids and thrips can be a problem for tomato plants. They suck sap from the young leaves and this can cause the leaves to curl. These insects can be controlled by spraying with a product called Nature’s Way Insect & Mite Killer, Natrasoap. Remember to spray on top and underneath the leaves to contact these pests.

Tomato plants also like to grow in free draining soils. Check your soil, particularly as you have had a lot of rain recently, to make sure the soil is not too wet.

Tomatoes also like to grow in a full sun position protected from strong winds. In this type of environment, they will thrive.

Answered: 10:10AM, 11 Oct 2011


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