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11:08AM, 01 Dec 2009
Answer: Dear Carolyn, You will need to use a good quali...
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11:08AM, 01 Dec 2009
recycling - reusing pot 'dirt'

i started growing vegies in pots last year, had a good result..
i mixed potting mix with dirt. can i continue using this method?
i.e. empty em mix again with fresh dirt and potting mix and start again. thanks

Submitted: 02:36PM, 25 Sep 2011
Answer: Hi Ken,
Generally when growing vegetables in pots it is better to use a straight potting mix rather than mixing potting mix with garden soil. If soil is mixed with potting mix a perched water table can occur when the different sizes of soil particles fill up the spaces and produce a compacted layer. The water then sits on this layer and may cause
the plants to rot. I would suggest using new potting mix this year. Also by changing your potting mix you will be able to remove any curl grubs that may be present in the pot.
Answered: 03:00PM, 27 Sep 2011


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