Every attempt to grow Chinese Cabbage (Wong Bok) the seedlings bolt to seed.

I have tried Sowing Spring, late Spring and early Autumn in a sunny spot well drained and cultivated vegetable patch. I have tried raising seedlings in seed trays and direct sowing and there have been no growing stresses (water temperature nutrients etc.) in deep cultivated rich mountain soil of Monbulk Victoria.

Submitted: 05:18PM, 22 May 2011
Answer: Hi Laurence,

I know how annoying it can be when you spend time and effort growing a crop and it then rapidly goes to seed.

I think the key to growing this vegetable is to grow it quickly and ensure that the seelings have sufficient fertiliser to keep them growing strongly. Now is a good time to sow the seed as they tend to go to seed during the hot dry weather. It is best to grow directly into your garden beds and keep the seedlings watered on a regular basis.

Before sowing the seed, add plenty of organic matter to the soil. Add a complete fertiliser as well and ensure that the area is well drained. Check the pH. 6 – 6.5 would be fine. If the soil is acidic, add some Dolomite Lime to raise the pH and sweeten the soil.

Regular fertilising, regular watering and a little care and I am sure you will have a successful crop of Wombok.

Answered: 02:57PM, 10 Jun 2011


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