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06:02PM, 10 Jan 2012
Answer: Hi John, You are quite right, there hasn’...
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06:02PM, 10 Jan 2012
butternut pumpkins starting well firm,then yellowing and dying,only 3-4 inches long

Submitted: 09:51AM, 04 Jan 2010
Answer: Dear Jeff,

It would appear that your butternut pumpkins have not been properly pollinated. The plant will carry both male and female flowers on the same plant. A female flower can appear fertilised when it is not, as the ovary can swell to the size of a baseball while it waits for pollination. If not pollinated, the fruit will not mature and will abort when it is quite small. You may need to encourage some bees into your garden so they can take the pollen from the male flower to the female flower to ensure pollination takes place. Plant some nasturtium and blue flowering plants nearby and the bees will flock to your garden.

Answered: 11:32AM, 13 Jan 2010


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