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cherry tomato leaves are dying off

the leaves are dying off im giving it plenty of water can u over water it or am i not giving it enough? we have a normal tomato plant next to it and its leaves are fine what can be the cause? will over fertilizing or not giving it enough be a cause?

Submitted: 12:39PM, 13 Dec 2009
Answer: Belynda,
Leaves yellowing and dying off on a tomato bush can indicate a number of things. It could be a nutrient deficiency, in which case this is easily remedied by applying a soluble fertiliser such as Aquasol or Thrive Flower & Fruit every two weeks. Tomatoes need regular watering particularly during the hot summer months when the plants are put under a lot of stress. Also regular applications of Nature’s Way Seaweed Extract will encourage healthy flowering, fruiting and root growth as well as enhancing recovery under stress conditions.
Tomatoes can also be attached by a number of pests so you will need to monitor your plants and act accordingly. Applying Tomato Dust will give your tomatoes protection against these pests as well as any fungal diseases.
Hopefully with all this care your tomato bushes will improves giving you lots of delicious fruit for your summer salads.
Answered: 10:41AM, 17 Dec 2009


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