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We left our capsicum and eggplant plants from last summer in our vegie garden. will we get a crop this year

do we need to prune now before new growth occurs

Submitted: 09:38PM, 10 Sep 2016
Answer: Hello Alison,

While you might get a limited crop from these plants, we would recommend removing them and planting unrelated species in that part of the garden this coming season. Leaving them in will encourage the build up of solanaceae-specific pests and diseases in the soil that will be difficult to manage once they reach significant numbers, and all this for a yield that will most likely be less than that of a newly planted crop.

Crop rotation is a great system to implement in your vegie garden: to manage pest and disease levels before they become a problem, as well as making the most of nutrient added to your soil. The Yates Garden Guide is an excellent reference for this and other important garden management techniques.

All the very best in the garden!

Kind regards,

Yates Consumer Advice Horticulturalist

Answered: 01:26AM, 12 Sep 2016


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