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My eggplants are being eaten, chunks taken out of the fruits even though the leaves are untouched.

My eggplant bushes have grown very tall and have beautiful green leaves untouched by any pests. However I am finding many eggplants themselves are being eaten before maturing. Big chunks seem to have been taken out of the fruits. What do you think it is. I have chicken wiring around my veggies. They are not low to the ground either. Not able to upload a photo at this time.

Submitted: 05:08AM, 28 Aug 2016
Answer: Hi Anni,

Thank you for contacting us.

It would be difficult to identify the real culprit without photos of the egg plant, however from what you have explained it seems like the work of a nocturnal animal such as a possum. Unfortunately we do not have a solution to control possums. Best way is to net the plants over the wiring cage that you have.

Hope this information is helpful, if you have further queries do let us know.

Kind regards,

Yates Horticulturalist

Answered: 11:59AM, 29 Aug 2016


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