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What & how do i plant in my first veggie & herb garden in a very small outdoor space?

I want to establish my first veggie and herb garden. I have a small patch in wooden sleepers with top soil. How do i know what to plant now in the Victorian climate? I also want herbs. But i have a small outdoor space so i was thinking of a hanging herb wall. I have no idea how to start, when to harvest , how to harvest etc etc. Any help would be great. Thanks

Submitted: 02:29PM, 01 Jan 2016
Answer: Hi,

Thank you for your enquiry. How fabulous you are wanting to plant your first vegie and herb garden! Before you start, I would fork in Yates Blood and Bone and Dynamic Lifter into the soil. This soil conditioner and fertiliser will help give the plants a good start to life.

Then, I would think about what type of vegies and herbs you enjoy eating? There’s no point planting carrots if you don’t enjoy eating them! To start off, check out this section of our website: – this allows you to select your climate type and the plant types. This will give you a good starting point.

Hope that helps! Regards, Tammy.

Answered: 12:20PM, 04 Jan 2016


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