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08:02PM, 21 Oct 2009
Answer: Yates Tomato Dust contains 3 active ingredients...
Category: Vegetables & Herbs
08:02PM, 21 Oct 2009
I am planning to plant tomatoes in my White shadehouse is there going to be an issue with pollination?

Submitted: 03:50PM, 05 Nov 2009
Answer: No, tomatoes are pollinated by wind movement more than insects so the shadecloth shouldn’t be an issue. With some shadecloths however, particularly the types designed for people rather than plants, the shade rating can be as high as 90% which is not the best for plants that need lots of sun. If it is a horticultural shadecloth with a rating of around 50% you should be ok with tomatoes.
Answered: 10:39AM, 06 Nov 2009


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