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Dwarf melaleuca nesophila - browning off & losing leaves

In a pot I have a dwarf melaleuca nesophila 'Little Nessy' which is looking unwell. Only about half mtr high - leaves falling from bottom & browning off. Been very healthy up until now. What is happening?

Submitted: 07:14AM, 07 May 2010
Answer: Dear Gail,

Without seeing the plant it is difficult to know what the problem is. Check the plant out thoroughly. Make sure it is well drained and not sitting in a saucer of water.

Look at the leaves for possible insect attack by mites, aphids or caterpillars and use the appropriate insecticide.

Apply some seaweed extract every 2-4 weeks to use as a tonic.

Answered: 02:36PM, 12 May 2010


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