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My camellia sesanquas have been flowering for a couple of weeks and have now stopped..I give them seasol regularly and fertiliser now and again they are in full sun

Submitted: 01:51PM, 01 May 2010
Answer: Dear Diane,

Usually sasanqua camellias flower for longer than 2 weeks. They start flowering in autumn finishing in winter.

To encourage flower buds for next years flowering make sure you apply a good quality fertiliser e.g. Dynamic Lifter Advance for Camellias, Azaleas and Rhododendrons. This particular fertiliser is formulated to encourage healthy growth and greater flowering and can be applied every 8-10 weeks from late winter/spring to mid autumn.

I am sure next year your tree will be really healthy and produce lots of flowers for you.

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Answered: 02:36PM, 05 May 2010


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